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Follow this unique assessment system online. Empowering you with enhanced assessment and prediction skills.
From the everyday, to the sporting context learn functional anatomy and the biomechanics of optimal to find sub-optimal biomechanics. Utilising Diane Lee’s Integrated Systems Model as a base to this approach to postural & functional analysis. All within the time and space available to you in your clinic or studio.

Take a client centred approach and build a stronger therapeutic appliance with your clients. Gain movement specific knowledge of fundamental biomechanics and functional anatomy. Appreciate the need for a biopsycosocial view of pain and posture. Employ a tensegrity based perspective of inter-relationships from facia to interstitium, chaos and complexity. A course carefully designed to enhance your skills of pattern recognition, clinical assessment and clinical excellence.

This course is designed to:

You will be able to

Good programs come from good assessments. Although postural analysis is NOT a diagnosis, it is a beginning of good assessment, the source of better questions and the start of training your eye for the efficiency of movement.

The approach is simple and based in real-world anatomy, we will look at:

With over four hours of unique video content, quizzes and supporting documents the MtI online course will help make you the best clinician in your area.

Arranged to be take before or after the workshop, online learning complements and enhances your workshop experience.

Pause, rewind and listen again to novel concepts and complex themes. A dynamic and relevant learning process to help you help your clients.

Online programs allow us to offer you cost-efficient options, far less than you’d have to pay in person and saving your time for our practical workshops.

Joining BtM brings you into a new family of clinicians, movers and thinkers. Allows you access to optional online mentorship.

Unlocked your path to personalised feedback on teachniques, biomechanics, anatomy and specific client questions. Bring your questions and together we’ll learn.

Gaining clinical excellence is about taking the risk of going beyond the necessary. Allow this course to take you to a place of clinical excellence.

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